Chinese Water Deer Sterling    
Basic Price Per Stalk 85    
Muntjac Deer Sterling    
Basic Price Per Stalk 60    
Additional Cost ( Chinese ) Sterling    
Does 100    
Bucks Under 1cm 175    
Bucks Over 1cm 235    
Bronze Medal Bucks 300    
Silver Medal Bucks 350    
Gold Medal Bucks 400    
Additional Costs( Muntjac) Sterling    
Does 60    

Bucks Under 3 inches

Bucks over 3 inches



Bronze Medal Bucks 250    
Silver Medal Bucks 300    
Gold Medal Bucks 350    
  • Carcasses may be taken away at an additional cost.
  • Caping is charged at £15 per beast plus packaging and postage UK only.
  • Accomodation is charged at around £70 per person per night.
  • A deposit will be requested in order to secure stalking dates